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Awesome Tips To Clean Blackstone After Cooking In 2022

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Have you ever been in a situation where your griddle is so dirty that it can’t be cleaned? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The struggle of the blackened surface and greasy residue has probably left us feeling defeated with thoughts of throwing away the whole thing for good. But don’t give up yet! These tips below will help to make cleaning Blackstone’s after cooking easy as pie. 

Clean Blackstone after cooking

When grilling or cooking on your Blackstone, it is important to maintain the quality of the grill by cleaning it. One way to do this is using a scouring pad and some soap water. You can also use a scraper for more stubborn areas like grease or rust spots. Make sure you scrub all surfaces including the handles, knobs, and frame while rinsing with fresh water after each time you cook!


1) Fill a bucket with hot water and dish soap. 

2) Scrub the surface with a scrub brush or scraper. 

3) Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. 

4) Use paper towels or clothes to dry off excess moisture from the surface.

5) Store in an area that is free of dust and debris where air can circulate freely around your grill.

6) Cleaning your grill will help keep bacteria at bay as well as prolong its life span!

Cleaning Blackstone griddle burners

If you’re a griddle lover like me, then you know how frustrating it is to have to scrub off the black residue that builds up on your burner. I’ve finally found the perfect solution: dish soap and vinegar! 

Soak your griddle in dish soap and water for an hour or so, scrub with steel wool before rinsing with water. Then mix 1 cup of distilled white vinegar in 2 cups of water and pour over top of the griddle. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse off with cold water. Your burners will look brand new !!!

Over time, debris such as old food or even dead bugs can become your grill’s burner tube this can lead to parts of the burner tube being blocked up and gas being unable to flow to fix this.

Things you will need:

a)bottle brush/can of compressed air
b) Phillip screwdriver


First, remove the burner tube depending on the size of your griddle. Tubes may vary slightly. For this example we are using a 22 inch griddle which can apply to a 17 inch and a 28 inch griddle easily.

1.Remove the griddle top so you can access the burner tubes underneath it.

2.Remove the burners tube from the griddle by removing screws.

3.To give you more room to lift the burner tube from its slot.

4.Otherwise you may risk damaging your griddle to fully remove the burner tubes from the griddle.

5.Lift and pull out the slots once the screws have been removed.( for a 36 inch griddle you will remove the screws holding the tube in place only and lift & pull before pulling the burner tube out.)

6.Once the burner tube has been removed use your bottle brush or compress air to clean up any blockages that may be in the burner tube make sure the front area inside of the burner tube is clear of bugs or other debris otherwise the gas flow can become blocked which is potentially dangerous.

7.Check to make sure the blockage has been removed before you screw the burner tube back in and put the griddle top back on to make sure the tube fully ignites and get back to cooking.

How to clean Blackstone griddle after use with cleaning kit

The summer grilling season is upon us! And if you’re a grill master, chances are you’ve got yourself a Blackstone griddle. It’s an amazing addition to your outdoor cooking space that does double duty as both the perfect spot for searing and sautéing meats and veggies AND the most convenient way to cook pancakes on Sunday morning. 

But one question we get asked all the time is “How do I clean my Blackstone after use?” Fortunately, it’s not hard at all with this awesome cleaning kit from Barbecue Grills Unlimited! The kit includes everything you need-a scraper to remove grease buildup, soap for scrubbing surfaces before they dry out, and even a polish which can be used periodically for a long time.



1.first thing I’m going to use is the scraper that comes with that kit 

2.After that pour on a little bit of water.

3.Then use the scour pad and scrub it real good and make sure you dry it afterwards. 

4.take a washing cloth and wipe it properly.

5.Use vegetable oil to re-season it.

If you own a griddle, we hope this article has given you some helpful information on how to take care of it. It’s important that your cooking surface is well maintained because not only does it prevent food from sticking but also helps keep the oil and grease in place so less seeps into your food. Remember these few simple things about caring for your griddle and being sure to clean after each use will help ensure that your next meal comes out tasting great! What else do you want us to cover? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contact our team at if there are any questions.

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