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The Best Griddle for Gas Stove in 2022 | What to Look For

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Do you own a gas stove and are looking for the best cookware to use with it? Then maybe what you need is the best gas griddle for a gas stove.  A griddle will help you cook faster and increase the range of foods you can cook.

Gas stoves by themselves might not be the ideal cooking instrument. That’s because they tend not to spread the heat as evenly as most users would want them. That is why many users look for cookware that can help, and griddles are just it.

Read on to see the best stovetop griddle for gas stoves.

A quick comparison table of the best griddle for gas stove for yourself.

Product Name






Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Griddle

21.7 x 20.5 x 14.7 inches

36 pounds

Legend Cast Iron Griddle For Gas Stovetop

21.5 x 10.78 x 1.25 inches

12.07 pounds

Ecolution Reversible Gas Stove Griddle

23.9 x 11.5 x 0.75 inches

3.35 pounds

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

9.5 x 0.5 x 16.75 inches

8 pounds

GE WB31K10217 Genuine OEM-Burner Grate Griddle

‎21.5 x 9.3 x 2.3 inches

5.85 pounds

Whirlpool W10432544 Gas Range Griddle

‎21 x 9 x 1.9 inches

‎14.59 pounds

Skyflame Universal Stainless Steel Griddle

17 x 12.8 x 2.2 inches

6.43 pounds



1. Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Griddle

The Blackstone tabletop stove griddle kicks off our list of the top 7 stovetop griddles. It is a flat tabletop griddle that makes it easier to use your gas stove, whether outdoors or indoors. Better still, it can prepare a variety of foods from scrambled eggs to pancakes and burgers.

What enables you to use it outdoors easily is because it is portable. The incredibly compact size is the reason why you can use it in your backyard. Its dimensions are 17.5 inches L x 8.5 inches H x 18 inches W, which is testament to its compact size.

The compact size, however, doesn’t get in the way of the cooking surface. It has a roomy cooking space measuring 17 inches which enables you to prepare large family-size meals. The cooking surface is large enough to allow you to cook up to 9 burgers at a go.

This griddle for a gas top stove is also fast to clean because it has a grease tray that ensures no drip gets to the bottom of the gas stove. This grease tray is also large enough, so you don’t have to spend most of your time emptying it.

Additionally, you can use a towel to wipe off any dirt on the cooking surface without much ado. That further adds to the ease of cleaning this stove griddle, boosting its convenience.

Another thing we loved with this griddle is the H-style burners. The burners ensure even heat distribution to ensure you cook your food faster and more effectively. Furthermore, with the igniter, you can easily control the heat the burner gives out, making it a more pleasurable cooking experience.


  • It comes with an H-style burn that reduces the burning of food
  • The grease tray prevents dripping of food, making it easier to clean
  • It has a roomy cooking surface
  • Portable and convenient


  • It doesn’t work with some gas tanks

2. Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop

From the name, you can tell this gas stove griddle will give legendary service. That’s because it is a durable workhorse that will make it easier for you to use your gas stove grill top.

This flat-top griddle for the gas stove is highly durable cast iron that doesn’t struggle to become hot. You, therefore, can cook faster and more efficiently since the iron heats up quickly. What’s more, the smooth and scratch-free finish adds an aesthetic quality to your kitchen.

What we loved most about this griddle is that you can use it with almost any heat source. You don’t have to limit yourself in whatever way and cook over low medium or high heat. That considerably improves your cooking speed and the taste of food as well.

You will love that this gas stove griddle comes with a foundational seasoning of pure vegetable oil. Each time you add your seasoning, you build towards the great history of the Legend gas stove griddle.

This griddle is also relatively easy to use. It has easy-grip handles that enable you to place it on any heat source. So if you are thinking of buying a good gas stove griddle, this one should be it.


  • Works with all heat sources
  • It is easy to use
  • Cast iron material makes it durable and fast heating
  • The scratch-free finish makes it an appealing addition to a kitchen


  • The double-sided option is hard to use as both sides can’t be equally hot.

3. Ecolution Reversible Gas Stove Griddle

The Ecolution gas stove is a handy, versatile, and reversible griddle that enables you to cook various foods on each of its reversible sides. The flat griddle side is ideal for multiple foods, while the ribbed side works best for griddled foods such as chicken or steak.

It is dishwasher safe and thus easier to clean. That’s where it varies from the cast iron counterparts that you can’t wash in a dishwasher. Instead, cast aluminum can withstand dishwashers which is further testament to its durability.

The cast aluminum material heats up fast and evenly to ensure you can cook at a comfortable speed. You can cook all your meals on the surface as the heat spread is even for two burners.

This gas stove griddle is highly compatible with various heat sources. You can use it on electric coil stove tops and gas. You can’t, however, use it on ceramic and glass.

As if that’s not enough, it comes with an expansive cooking surface that allows you to flip burgers and other foods when cooking. That’s why it’s an ideal griddle for gas stoves. After cooking, you can use its handles to store it or carry it from place to place.

The 19.5 inches by 11 inches cooking surface means you can prepare food enough for a large family. You, therefore, won’t have to limit yourself when cooking. That effectively makes it faster to cook.


  • Easy carry handles make it easy to use
  • Cast aluminum has excellent heat distribution
  • Compatible with a variety of heat sources
  • Durable and versatile


  • Might have issues fitting on a flat stove

4. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

This gas stove griddle can work on almost all cooking surfaces, from grills to campfires. In addition, it has a large cooking area that means you can prepare larger family meals with it.

The pre-seasoned cast iron material heats evenly and fast enough to ensure you can cook faster. Even better is that this griddle boasts of a high heat retention capacity which tells you that you won’t have to struggle to attain the level of heat required for specific foods.

One of the things to look for in an electric griddle is whether it will fit on your gas stove. You can’t buy just any griddle and hope it fits. This griddle fits on two stovetop burners. Its rectangular shape means you have enough space for more food to grill.

This cast iron griddle is also oven safe to ensure you can cook your favorite foods in the oven. Unfortunately, the cast iron material is also tough, which means you will use the griddle for a long time.

With the two easy-to-grip handles, you can flip and carry the grill. The handles also come in handy when you want to store them. Finally, the handles help you hang it on the wall.

Lodge Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle with this can prepare larger family meals


  • Can work with all kinds of heat surfaces
  • It is oven safe thanks to the cast iron material
  • Cast iron material is durable and resistant to damage from excess heat
  • Excellent heating speed and heat retention


  • It doesn’t work well when used with 5th range burners.

5. GE WB31K10217 Genuine OEM-Burner Grate Griddle

If you are looking for genuine OEM parts to fit your gas stove, you’ve landed at the right place. But first, you will need to know whether it will fit your gas stove. You can do that by entering your model number with the link provided.

This gas stove grill offers you a flat cooking surface for your cooking needs. It is a genuine manufacturer part that will guarantee you the best service no matter the cooking surface you are using.

What makes this griddle stand out is the top-grade material used to make it. The rigid material is durable and fast heating. As a result, you can cook quickly and have it for a long time.

The burner grate griddle has a thoughtful design that enables you to use it on any gas stove. Although a few gas stoves will struggle to fit on, this is a quality burner grate grill for your kitchen.

You can be sure of faster cooking times also because this griddle heats evenly. The even distribution means there won’t be heat spots while cooking. Thanks to the material used to grate the griddle, the wide cooking surface doesn’t take too long to get hot.

This great griddle is what your gas stove needs if you are looking for repair accessories. Do try it out, and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Genuine manufacturer parts are durable.
  • Its design fits on most gas stoves, although you still must check if it will fit.
  • The material heats fast and evenly
  • It works for any heat source


  • The coating easily peels off, especially when you cook at very high heat.

6. Whirlpool W10432544 Gas Range Griddle

Next on our list is a factory-certified gas range griddle that will work with most gas stoves. That’s because it provides a flat cooking surface for different gas stove brands. Again, it’s a tried and tested gas range griddle that will fit on most gas stoves.

What impressed us most is that it has a nonstick cooking surface that makes it quite easy to clean. As a result, you don’t have to worry about food leftovers giving you a hard time removing them after cooking.

This griddle is especially ideal for cooking eggs and pancakes. Fitting it onto your gas stove won’t be difficult because it comes in a size that can fit most gas stoves. You also won’t need any special tools or knowledge to fit it on your gas stove. Anyone can do that.

It has an aluminum scratch-free finish that would make it fit right into your kitchen. The smooth finish makes it more presentable. The aluminum material also causes it to heat up faster.

The only downside to using this griddle top is that it won’t fit a large family since it is quite narrow. If you have a large family, then you will need to get a larger one.


  • Aluminum material makes it heat faster
  • It can fit most gas stoves
  • The nonstick griddle for a gas stove is easy to clean
  • It is best for cooking eggs and pancakes


  • It might not fit the center portion of some stoves since it is quite narrow.

7. Skyflame Universal Stainless Steel Griddle

Rounding up our list of the best gas stove grill top is the Skyflame Universal stainless steel gas stove griddle. It comes with a stainless steel material, which means you won’t have hot spots or uneven heating issues.

This skillet’s material allows it to distribute heat across the heating surface enabling faster cooking. You can use it on nearly any heat source since it is also quite heat resistant. Each of its die panels has ventilations that allow proper airflow.

In addition to the ventilation panels, this griddle also has a beautiful wavy and hollow design that improves airflow. Airflow is crucial if you are to cook faster and have better heat distribution.

It is also nonstick, which means you will have an easy time cleaning it as food won’t stick to the cooking surface. The material used to make it is also tough and durable. That’s thanks to the heat-resistant capabilities.

The handles on the side also make it easy to use. You can easily carry it from place to place, thanks to the handles. Its portability also adds to the ease of movement.

One feature we particularly liked is the cross-bracing on the underside that improves heat distribution. The grease well is also another innovative feature that you will love. It collects oils and grease when cooking certain foods and makes sure you will have an easy time cleaning up.


  • Inbuilt grease collects dripping grease.
  • The nonstick cooking surface makes it effortless to clean
  • Heat retention capabilities make it easy to use
  • Ventilations on the side panels that boost airflow


  • It has issues with its build, which makes it start crumbling.

Buyers Guide

Like any other product, you will need to consider a few factors before buying a griddle for your gas stove. Failure to do that will have you end up with a griddle that isn’t the right fit for you.

1. Ease of Cleaning

Nobody loves having to clean up after enjoying a meal. However, some cookware would make it easy for you to do that. When selecting a griddle, look for one that won’t give you a hard time cleaning up.

It should have a nonstick cooking surface and grease well that collects any grease from the food. That’s particularly important if you will be cooking foods such as bacon and fatty meat that tend to leave messes on a grill.

2. Heat Distribution

Even heat distribution is key to any cookware giving the best results. That’s why you will need to consider it when buying a griddle. The heat distribution has a huge connection to the material that makes the griddle.

For instance, cast iron and cast aluminum metals are relatively good griddle materials because they heat up fast. They are also a good option if you want even heat distribution when cooking.

You will thus need to include that in your assessment when buying a griddle.

3. Compatibility

Imagine buying a griddle that can’t fit on your gas stove. That would be frustrating, right? That’s why you need to look at the compatibility with your stove before buying. There are, however, ways by which you can check if the griddle will fit on your stove or not.

Be sure to check out any griddle before buying it.

4. Material

You need to consider the material used to make the griddle because it could have a bearing on whether it will be efficient or not. Most griddles have material that heats up fast and retains heat for long. Ensure you choose a griddle with material that has even heat distribution.

5. Ease of Use

This doesn’t only apply to griddles but pretty much any other kitchen equipment. It would be best if you had a griddle that won’t give you a hard time operating. That means looking at some features that make the griddle easy to use.

Such features would include the controls on the griddle as well as the size.

6. Size of the Gas Stove Griddle

Gas stove griddles are not one size fits all kinds of kitchen equipment. That is why you need to ensure you consider the size. Most sellers will let you check if the griddle will fit on your gas stove or not. Still, you must know the measurements of your gas stove before going out to buy the griddle.


1. How long will it take to preheat a griddle?

Preheating a griddle won’t take you more than 20 minutes. That will, however, depend on the material of the griddle. Some materials take longer to heat and acquire the right temperature.

2. Do the handles on the griddle get too hot?

Most griddles come with handles that can’t get too hot unless you are cooking at very high temperatures. There are, however, times that the handles will get hot, which means you should always be taking precautions.

3. What sort of grill works on an induction stovetop?

It would help if you considered the bottom of a griddle to see whether it would work with an induction stovetop. If it has a round base, then yes, it can work with an induction stovetop.

4. Is cooking on a griddle healthier?

Yes. Cooking on a griddle is a healthier alternative to traditional cooking styles. The heat you can attain with a griddle gives you well-cooked food that most conventional cooking methods would struggle to reach.

5. How to get burnt food off of a griddle?

Scrape off the food while t5he griddle is still hot, then scrub with a palmetto brush while washing with warm water. Don’t wait until the skillet cools down.

6. Are stovetop griddles good?

Of course, they are. They might help you cook some meals such as ages and pancakes faster. They also utilize heat better, giving you faster cooking times.

7. Can you use a double burner griddle on a gas stove?

Yes, you can. It will, however, depend on the number of burners the stove has.

8. Can I run my gas grill on my house’s propane tank without putting a regulator?

You need a regulator to run your gas grill with your house’s propane tank. Otherwise, things might get out of hand quite fast, and you don’t want that.

9. What temperature can a gas stove griddle attain?

Most gas stoves will heat up to a maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. What Should I Know Before Buying a Gas Griddle?

You need to understand that the material has a significant bearing on the heat distribution and durability of the gas griddle. You also need to know that a griddle that is hard to use will only frustrate you. So consider those things when buying a griddle.


We hope it will now be easier for you to choose the best griddle for gas stoves. Look out for the material used to make the grills to ensure you get the best possible deal on them.

The ease of use is one thing you will want to consider in a griddle for a gas stove. You don’t want to end up with a grill that gives you a hard time using. Another thing to look at is how easy it will be to clean it.

Cleaning ease is related to the coating the griddle comes with. That’s why you need to look for a griddle that has a nonstick coating. They are easier to clean and ultimately easier to use.

The choice you decide to make is, however, up to you. We hope our guidelines give you the best chance of making the best choice.

All the best.

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