Blackstone griddles are handy to use inside as well

Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle Inside?

Blackstone griddles are famous for their marvelous heating properties that add a unique flavor to cooked items. For that reason, many people feel prompted to use Blackstone griddles in their kitchens. However, the company explicitly discourages the indoor use of its griddles.

Blackstone didn’t clarify why it disapproves of the use of its griddles inside the house. In this article, we attempted to explain Blackstone’s outdoor-only stance and explored the possible risks of using Blackstone griddles in a confined environment. 

Is there a safer way to do it? Can you use a Blackstone griddle inside? We tried to answer these questions as well.

Why Use a Blackstone Griddle Inside Your House?

Blackstone griddles are perfect for cooking high-fat and high-carb items in large proportions. These griddles trap the meat juice and use it to bring out an exquisite flavor. Apart from searing, Blackstone griddles can also do a remarkable job in steaming and smoking your food. You can do that without burning a single piece of charcoal.

Since these griddles impose a special tang on their own and make certain delicacies even tastier, anyone would love to have these lying around in their kitchens. Yummy food at the comfort of your own home? Who will say no to that? But, unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks to using a Blackstone Griddle in a traditional home kitchen setting.

What are the Drawbacks of Using a Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is one of the endless compounds of carbon we find in our environment. It’s highly toxic to the human body, and using a Blackstone griddle behind closed doors might cause carbon monoxide buildup inside the house. In addition, these cooking devices use propane rather than natural gas, and burning propane can create carbon monoxide. 

Incomplete combustion of propane can produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, you would want the burning ratio to be 96% pure air and 4% propane. Any deviation from that scenario would whip up dangerous byproducts, including carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning might cause serious symptoms, and in some cases, it could even be lethal.

Fire Hazard

As opposed to stovetops, griddles don’t come with insulation. To prevent the heat from ramping up in the cooking space, they depend on optimum ventilation. Using a propane griddle like a Blackstone griddle is incredibly risky in a room with inadequate air circulation. The heat buildup could be so intense that it might cause a heatstroke.

 Also, it can set highly flammable things like paper, clothes, etc., on fire. So, never leave such stuff lying around the griddle. Griddles are a fire hazard, so always keep a fire extinguisher within a hand’s reach. Be extra cautious about your surroundings. Remember, it will take out your whole house if a fire breaks out and reaches the propane tank.

Faulty Valves

The valves tend to wear out upon frequent use. An underperforming valve might put you at severe risk. A faulty valve would leak propane inside the kitchen. Propane doesn’t have any distinguishable smell itself, but gas companies use mercaptan to give it a rotten egg-like odor. Always check for the stench before lighting up a griddle indoors.


Griddles create a mess, and you can’t do much about it. Grease and oil would drip from the equipment and make your kitchen counter quite dirty. So, after cooking with your griddle, you will have to make time to rinse your tabletop or counter with soap and water. Otherwise, it might get permanently stained.


Blackstone griddles are good to use inside

How to Minimize Risk While Using a Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

1. Use a Room with Proper Ventilation

We have already discussed the perils of griddle cooking in a poorly ventilated area. Therefore, you must choose a room that comes with an appropriate ventilation system for using a griddle indoors. Keep the windows ajar and install ventilation fans in your kitchen to drain out the heat and gas.

2. Don’t Keep Any Flammable Object Nearby

Don’t place the griddle in a congested space. Keep away flammable items from the griddle to avoid a sudden fire. Remove any object that might pose a tripping risk if you need to rush out of the room. Also, ensure that you can get out quickly if an emergency pops up.

3. Don’t Let the Fire Catch You by Surprise

Fires can be devastating, and it would be even worse if you don’t respond in time to a fire breakout. Keep the local fire station’s number on speed dial and take some measures yourself to stop the fire from spreading. 

A fire extinguisher or a bag of sand can be very effective in putting out the flames before it turns dangerous.

4. Check the Setup before Using It

The quality of valves and connectors degrade as you continue to use them. So, it would be wise to check them for faults before using the griddle. Also, assess the propane tank and make sure that there is no damage. Finally, inspect the entire setup with utmost caution to minimize leakage risks.

5. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as a ‘’silent killer’’ because of its odorless presence. Since it doesn’t have any distinctive smell or color, you won’t be able to tell if your propane tank emits carbon monoxide. 

Instead, install carbon monoxide in your kitchen so that it can immediately warn you in case of a carbon monoxide build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Blackstone Griddle Size Should I Pick for Indoor Use?

Blackstone doesn’t produce indoor griddles, but most people who have used a Blackstone griddle under their roofs went for a 17-inch version.

2. What Type of Clothes Should I Wear for Cooking in a Blackstone Griddle?

Wear an apron if you don’t want oil and grease spilling all over your regular clothes. Look out for dangling pieces of clothes as they are susceptible to catching fire in an instant. Avoid tight-fitting garments because you don’t want them to compromise your mobility.

Final Words

So, can you use a Blackstone griddle inside? We think it is safe not to. A Blackstone griddle is a premium piece of cooking equipment that can make a difference in taste, aroma, and appearance. 

But, using these griddles inside your house could be dangerous. So, please, follow our guidelines to maintain safety while using them indoors.

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