Blackstone 1813 not only outdoor enthusiasts but also use it in a restaurant environment.

Best Commercial Gas Griddle Reviews in 2022 [Top 7 Picks]

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Gas griddles can be perfect for large-scale food production. They are more efficient in distributing heat than other options. Therefore, griddles or flat tops are very convenient when you need to cook plenty of food in a short amount of time. In this piece, we will highlight the best commercial gas griddle reviews so that you can pick up the right one for you.

We have gone through countless feedback from users to come up with our final list. As you will find out below, there are a lot of technicalities involved when you are trying to select the best commercial gas griddle for your setup. We will give you a rundown on the things you need to know and introduce you to the best products in the market.

Our ultimate pick is the SABA Restaurant UtopiaGR60-GS24. It wins the race because of the incredible versatility it puts on the table. It expands your cooking range to a substantial degree as it serves you as a griddle, oven, and grill at the same time. On top of that, it operates on both natural gas and propane.

Now that you know our top pick, let’s take a look at the comparison table!

Best Commercial Gas Griddles: Comparison Table

Product Name





Number of Burners





SABA Restaurant Utopia GR60-GS24





Royal Gourmet GB8000





MaxKare Propane Gas Grill





Royal Gourmet GB4000





Royal Gourmet GD401C





Blackstone 1813





Cuisinart CGG-7400





7 Best Commercial Gas Griddles Reviews

1.SABA Restaurant Utopia GR60-GS24

SABA Restaurant Utopia gas ranges are ideal restaurant-grade kitchen, stylish and easy to take off.

With SABA Restaurant Utopia gas ranges, you can create the ideal restaurant-grade kitchen! This high-performance, stylish gas range includes six open top burners with a bottom oven, allowing you to fry, sauté, and boil on top while baking or warming items below, without taking up any additional room.

It features a full MIG-welded structure for superior durability. The 12 by 12 inch cast grates are as heavy duty as they come. On top of that, they are very easy to take off, making them incredibly ergonomic. The ingenious U-shape design of the oven accounts for efficient heating and baking. 


  • Runs on natural gas, but comes with a propane conversion kit so that you can easily switch to propane if you want. 
  • Two ovens and a broiler. 
  • U-shaped oven for better heating. 
  • Curved edge crumb tray for superior heat resistance. 


  • The stainless steel oven interior is more difficult to clean because of its non-sticky nature. 

2.Royal Gourmet GB8000

Royal Gourmet GB8000 best commercial gas griddle which can use it outdoors to cook in a picnic, party, or any other events.

A good deal of the best commercial gas griddle reviews online are about the Royal Gourmet GB8000. What makes this unit so popular is its flexibility. You can use it in your restaurant kitchen or, you can use it outdoors to cook in a picnic, party, or any other events. You can cook no less than five dozen burgers in it at the same time.

We are talking a combined grilling force of 104k BTUs in eight burners. The griddle offers you a generous cooking space of 950 square inches. Royal Gourmet has designed this equipment with a pair of easy-to-remove drip cups. The drip tray also comes off easily, so cleaning the entire unit requires minimal time.


  • Large cooking area.
  • 8 burners, each capable of generating 13k BTUs of heat. 
  • Foldable side shelves to create a more spacious workstation. You can fold them after use to save space. 
  • Porcelain wire cooking grates for optimum heat retention.


  • The assembling process is a bit difficult. You might need to call professional help to put together this griddle.

3.MaxKare Propane Gas Grill

MaxKare Propane Gas Grill that you can draw out and fold away whenever you want.

The MaxKare Propane Gas Grill is ideal for smaller businesses and recreational outdoor cooking. It offers a total BTU return of 19,000 from two burners, which is not a lot, but it would be sufficient for small-scale catering service cooking. It comes with a grill pan and grate that will take care of all your grilling needs.

Since it’s lightweight and occupies minimal space, this unit can be perfect for food trucks. There are two collapsible panels that you can draw out and fold away whenever you want. Chrome plating improves the life of the griddle as it makes it immune to rust. Also, it accounts for easier cleaning.


  • Lightweight and compact. Therefore, it can be a great choice for food carts and trucks. 
  • Chrome plating for better protection against rust. 
  • Simple push-button ignition. 
  • Easy to clean. 


  • Not suitable for high-volume food operations. 

4.Royal Gourmet GB4000


The Royal Gourmet GB4000 is a smaller griddle but use for large group cooking and easy to clean.

The Royal Gourmet GB4000 is a smaller griddle than the Royal Gourmet GB8000, but you can still cook for a large group using it. It boasts four burners and a cooking surface of 660 square inches. The flat-top has a steel base underneath a ceramic surface, which improves its thermostatic performance as well as makes it easier to clean.

The Royal Gourmet GB4000 lets you cook a variety of foods at different temperatures, thanks to its powerful burners that can produce 52,000 BTUs together. You can keep your accessories and condiments on the retractable side tables. This grill is made of a powder-coated steel frame with a robust finish. 



  • Broad cooking surface.

  • Simple press-button ignition. 

  • Durable construction.

  • Four burners for accommodating cooking at various temperatures. 


  • The grease trap hole is smaller than ideal. Therefore, it gets congested quickly. 

5.Royal Gourmet GD401C

Royal Gourmet GD401C is a four burner flat top griddle which is a mix of grill and griddle with two distinct cooking sections

The GD401C is another four-burner Royal Gourmet flattop we would highly recommend for commercial use. It’s a mix of grill and griddle with two distinct cooking sections of equal area. In total, you will get 548 square inches of cooking surface spread across four burners with a 48,000 BTU output.

We’d also like to shed light on its ease of setup. You can get it ready for use within 15 minutes after unboxing. The legs are collapsible to save storage space. You can also add casters on each leg for moving the griddle from one place to another. Apart from the side tables, you can store more utensils by hanging them on the lower bar hooks.


  • Equal cooking zones for gill and griddle. 
  • Collapsible side tables and legs. 
  • Stainless steel burners for better durability and performance. 
  • Lockable casters to switch between mobility and stability. 


  • The burner covers aren’t as good as containing the heat as other Royal Gourmet griddles. 

6.Blackstone 1813


Blackstone 1813 not only outdoor enthusiasts but also use it in a restaurant environment.

How can we ignore Blackstone products while discussing the best commercial gas griddle reviews? Blackstone 1813 packs some excellent offerings that prompted us to give it a shout-out. This is primarily an on-the-go cooking gear aimed towards outdoor enthusiasts, but you can also use it in a restaurant environment.

The Blackstone 1813 is a stainless steel griddle that can whip up mouth-watering spreads in large capacities. Its 339 square feet cooking zone is enough to prepare a dozen eggs or burgers. The hood does a remarkable job in capturing heat and accelerating the cooking process. The rolled steel upper surface ensures an even distribution of heat and prevents hotspots. 


  • Sturdy build.
  • Rolled steel upper top for optimum heating. 
  • Simple cleanup. 
  • Ergonomic hood for trapping heat and keeping the dust-out.


  • Only fits small propane tanks. 

7.Cuisinart CGG-7400

Cuisinart CGG-7400 has some handy features, like foldable side counters, an integrated bottle opener, and a thermometer.

Cuisinart has used premium stainless steel to build the Cuisinart CGG-7400. Apart from a long-lasting structure, the company has also incorporated some handy features, like foldable side counters, an integrated bottle opener, and a thermometer. The cart weighs about 72 pounds, but you can effortlessly push it around because of its cart design.

Four propane-fueled burners provide a cooking power of 44,000 BTUs. The burners each have their own control knobs, allowing you to customize the heat zones per your cooking requirements. You can create a hot zone for sautéing and a lower temperature zone for slow cooking at the same time.


  • Stainless steel build.
  • Precise temperature regulation through control knobs. 
  • Thermometer to make sure you are cooking in the right temperature. 
  • Bottle opener.


  • Some users have complained that the collapsible tables come off after a few months of use. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Commercial Gas Griddle

Plate Thickness

The thickness of the griddle plate determines how efficient the griddle will be in your kitchen. Thicker plates can handle heavy use, so restaurant owners should go for them. Thinner plate griddles cost less, but they can’t heat up as fast as their thick plate counterparts. Also, thicker plate griddles last way longer. 

Plate Finish

Steel is the most common griddle plate material you would come across, but we prefer chrome-coated steel griddles. Some steel-made griddle plates might discharge metal into your food. Since chrome is non-porous, it will not leach into your food. Also, it makes the surface easier to clean as food debris can’t hold onto it easily. 


The size of the griddle would depend on the scale of your operation. The busier your place is, the larger the griddle you should get. The size range of commercial griddles is usually between 24 and 72 inches. A large griddle is a safe bet, but for food carts and trucks, you might consider buying a smaller unit. 

Heat Control

BTU number should not be the only benchmark to judge the heating quality of a griddle. Chefs have to navigate different temperatures in an eatery to meet the diverse demands of customers. Therefore, your griddle should have high-accuracy controls to reach the ideal temperature for a specific culinary action.


Many restaurant-grade griddles offer cooking accessories like a grill or an oven. If you get more options with your griddle, it would expand your cooking horizon, which is always welcome in a professional kitchen. However, these models might be very expensive. If your budget permits, you should invest in a multi-purpose griddle. 

Manual or Thermostatic? 

We have already outlined how important it is for a commercial griddle to attain multiple heating levels. Manual controls only have some pre-set heat settings, whereas thermostatic controls allow you to cook at a particular temperature. Manual control griddles are sufficient in most cases, but if you need more preciseness, thermostatic griddles are a must.

Why Use Gas Commercial Griddles?

One of the main benefits of using gas commercial griddles is that they heat up and cool down much faster than other griddles. Therefore, you can cook a variety of meals in less time, which makes gas griddles so appealing to restaurants. You can hit as high as 60k BUTs in a gas griddle no bigger than 36 inches. 

What’s the Best Way to Use a Gas Griddle?

Poor ventilation will affect the performance of a gas griddle. You should use griddle wind blockers so that wind doesn’t interfere with the cooking. Also, install an exhaust fan right over the griddle so that it can draw out the smoke instantly. Clean the griddle plate and reapply the seasoning regularly for retaining optimal griddle output. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Commercial Gas Griddles Used For?

Commercial gas griddles are used for cooking foods, especially protein-rich ones, in large capacities. These griddles can supply a constant level of heat across the top when you need all items to cook at a uniform temperature. 

Also, gas griddles speed up cooking as they take less time to fire up, compared to other cooking platforms.

What Makes Outdoor Commercial Gas Griddles Different? 

Outdoor commercial gas griddles stand out from other cooking apparatuses because of their faster cooking ability. Gas griddles don’t only help you cook at an elevated speed, they also deliver the correct amount of heat to bring out the best flavor in foods, especially in meat. They are also easier to store and move around compared to other alternatives.

What Are Commercial Gas Griddles Made Of?

Commercial gas griddles are mostly made of steel and steel alloys. A36 steel is the most popular steel variant you would find in commercial gas griddles. Stainless steel and aluminum combos are also common. 

Some also come with a chrome layer on top of a steel body. Chrome tops make for effortless maintenance and efficient heating.

What Can I Put Behind My Commercial Gas Griddle To Prevent My House Siding From Getting Hot?

Commercial gas griddles can be quite a fire hazard if you don’t take proper precautions. The house siding adjacent to the griddle is at an increased risk of catching fire. 

To prevent this from happening, you can place a cement board behind your griddle since cement is non-combustible. Make sure to leave some space between the griddle and board.

What Is The Best Commercial Gas Griddle To Buy?

In our book, the best commercial gas griddle to buy is the SABA Restaurant Utopia GR60-GS24. It has a heavy-duty build that can fend wear and tear for years to come. 

Its primary power source is natural gas, but it has propane orifices so that you can convert to propane when you feel like it. On top of that, it comes with two ovens and a broiler.

How Do You Clean A Commercial Gas Griddle?

Follow these steps to clean a commercial gas griddle:

  • Rub the griddle top with a pumice stone or scrubber in a circular motion. 
  • Add a cup of club soda to the surface. The carbon present in the soda will help to remove leftover grease. 
  • Continue scrubbing. 
  • Pour half a glass of vinegar or lemon juice. Spread it all across the cooking area. 
  • Wipe the area with a clean rag. 
  • Redo the seasoning before using the griddle once again. 

Final Thoughts

We analyzed the best commercial gas griddle reviews while doing the legwork for this article. We have tailored our list of recommendations to suit the needs of a wide range of entrepreneurs. Some can’t do without the top-of-the-line griddles, while some are on the hunt for finding the best cost-effective solution.

For a large commercial setup, we highly recommend the SABA Restaurant Utopia GR60-GS24. It has a BTU offering of 278,000 BTUs, meaning you can cook for a large crowd with this unit. It has two built-in ovens and a broiler so that you can use it for a wide range of cooking purposes. You can effortlessly switch to propane if you don’t have access to natural gas. But, it won’t come cheap. 

If your budget is a bit more restricted, we would vouch for the Royal Gourmet GB 4000 as our mid-budget choice. It can deliver up to 52,000 BTUs with its powerful burners. For the tightest budget, our pick would be the MaxKare Propane Gas Grill. It has a limited cooking capacity of 19,000 BTUs but can be adequate for small food carts.

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