best oil to season blackstone griddle

Is There Any Best Oil To Season Blackstone Griddle?

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Do you love cooking on your griddle? What oil works to season your Blackstone Griddle the best? That’s what this blog post is all about. First, I am going to give a rundown of a perfect solution for seasoning any type of griddle, and then I will go into detail about the best oils for Blackstone Griddles specifically. In addition, I have a couple of tips on how to clean and maintain your griddle correctly, so it lasts longer!

In this article, we’ll give you helpful tips for seasoning your griddle. You will learn how to be careful when seasoning, which substances are the best to use, and how to apply the nonstick coating correctly.

What does seasoning mean for griddles?

What does the phrase “seasoning a griddle” mean? This sounds like a common question, so let me explain: Seasoning a griddle is simply adding an oil-based coating to the surface to protect it and give it a little extra flavor.

You can use any oil; we recommend using vegetable oil, canola, or olive oil because they’re not as saturated fatty as other oils like Butter and shortening. The quantity required often depends on the dimensions of your griddle; for the average home, three to four tablespoons should get the task done!

To ensure that the whole cooking surface is covered evenly with oil before letting it cook, make sure that it remains covered at all times.

How to Season a Griddle

Do-it-yourself seasoning your griddle doesn’t require too much effort. It only requires a few simple steps.

Based on what type of griddle you’re using, here are the steps to season it:

  1. Please turn off your griddle, and leave it until it has cooled to room temperature.
  2. Scrape off any food residue on the cooking surface with a scraper.
  3. Use the paper towel to spread the oil evenly across your cooking surface.
  4. Prepare the griddle until it turns black. As soon as the griddle gets completely dark, turn the heat off.
  5. Spread a thin layer of high-temperature oil over the surface of the griddle.
  6. Wait until the surface around the griddle has turned dark and smoky.

You must maintain your griddle clean and season it after every use to help it keep its nonstick surface.

Prior to scraping off leftover food residue, you must scrape away the food particles. Then, once all the food junk has been removed, you must clean the cooking surface area with a cloth.

If your food residue seems to be incredibly stubborn, pour boiling water on it to soften it and then remove it with a wooden spoon that is not made of metal, as anything too rough may damage the coating.

As the griddle is completely clean, plug it in to drive out all residual water on it after cleaning it. 

And the final step, coat the griddle with a thin layer of oil using a paper towel.

Why You Should Season Your Griddle?

When you season your griddle, you stop biting from rusting and safeguarding your griddle. This also helps the griddle develop a naturally nonstick surface.

If you season your griddle routinely, the advantages of seasoning griddle are optimal.

The griddle can be seasoned periodically to restore the nonstick coating. Over time, the black surface that develops eventually will wear away. The good news is, if you take the time to pay it attention and allow it to operate, the nonstick coating will become even stronger!

best oil to season blackstone griddle

Before you start seasoning your griddle, remember to do it.

If you’re fairly new to cooking on a griddle, you can rapidly learn how to season it in order to create a superb nonstick surface. Keep reading to learn a few useful techniques for seasoning the stove correctly.

Use hot oil in heating

When seasoning griddle, it is indispensable to utilize an oil with a high smoke point. Use an oil with a high smoke point to prevent the griddle from burning and produce a nonstick coating.

Poorly seasoned griddles contain toxic substances when heated; if you use oil with a low smoke point, not only will your food be unhealthy but also will the taste be affected.

In addition to considering the smoke point, consider the affordability and availability of the oil you season your griddle with.

The griddles will need to have adequate airflow 

When you’re seasoning your griddle, permit the oil to get extremely hot to give your griddle the proper seasoning. Whether you’re seasoning an indoor or outdoor griddle, it can get highly smoky. So, providing proper airflow is crucial.

When it comes to initial seasoning, it may take several sessions

The early stages in seasoning the griddle may require several sessions of applying oil and heating it in order to establish a tough, non-sticky surface.

A couple of rounds may be needed before your newest grill becomes dark.

Best Oils for Seasoning Griddles:

The key to making a good griddle with a long-lasting nonstick coating is to ensure that your griddle is seasoned well. However, using an appropriate type of oil is crucial to seasoning your griddle.

Avocado Oil 

This is one of the best choices for selecting avocado oil. This refined oil does not have any GMOs and is gluten-free.

Because of its 500°F smoke point, making it is ideal for seasoning your griddle.

Numerous studies have bolstered the legitimacy of avocado oil as a health-food trend. Avocado oil has attracted considerable attention because of its health advantages in recent times.

Avocado oil that is naturally refined has a high smoke point – up to 520°F. Its high smoke point allows you to cook without harmful compounds even when using high heat.

Avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. It doesn’t oxidize easily.

In general, the taste of avocado oil is not very agreeable; in fact, it’s highly refined to the point that even minute traces won’t affect its taste. Avocado oil is safe enough to be used on all types of foods, so don’t worry; it will not damage the flavor of your food or react negatively with other ingredients.

Though the avocado oil featured in your griddle comes in handy for seasoning, it’s also able to be used for various other purposes as well, such as frying and searing food, baking with it, and making salad dressings and marinades.

My personal favorite avocado oil is 
BetterBody Foods Refined Non-GMO Cooking Avocado Oil for Paleo and Keto

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Sunflower Oil 

The oil obtained from sunflower seeds is referred to as sunflower oil. It is a favorite cooking oil for many dishes, despite the fact that the flavor of its oil is subtle.

High-oleic sunflower oils are among the most reputable for cooking and sautéing high heat, which explains why they are likewise great for your griddles. This is why refined sunflower oil can also be used for seasoning them.

If you are searching for a neutral-tasting oil that can be utilized for the maintenance as well as preparation of all types of food on your griddle, pure sunflower oil is an ideal option.

This 100% pure oil contains vitamin E and has a lot of polyunsaturated fats. It’s solely sunflower oil that has been excluded from everything besides vitamin E. It also has a particular smoking point of 450° Fahrenheit.

My personal favorite Sunflower oil is
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Olive Oil 

Olive oil is a standard with every kitchen. Olive oil has a rich flavor and scent that will add a distinctive twist to many dishes. However, did you know that you can season? A small griddle pan with olive oil too?

Because of its high smoke point, olive oil can be used as an accompaniment for griddles, avoiding the griddles from becoming rusty.

Olive oil may be of interest to you not only because of its nutritional properties but also for its capacity to enhance the flavor of your griddle.

The main content is an abundant source of monounsaturated fat and contains a lot of antioxidants.

Olive oil’s fruity taste and aromatic scent make it worth trying for consumers of all culinary tastes, and its smoke point soars well above 300 degrees.

The refined richness of olive oil makes it perfect for any seasoning and cooking demands you may have.

I personally love olive oil for grilling. my favorite olive oil that I love to use in griddle is Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Peanut Oil

Unpleasant tastes in cooking oil aren’t that intolerable if you don’t mind them, so peanut oil is a good option for seasoning griddles if you are looking for something light.

Peanut oil has an extremely high smoke point—over 450° F depending on the particular brand. The extremely high smoke point makes it an ideal cooking oil for cooking tasks, including frying and grilling.

But besides cooking, peanut oil is a perfect seasoning for griddles if applied appropriately.

Peanut oil contains mainly monosaturated fats, does not contain any trans fats, and is inexpensive. In addition, refined peanut oil like this is highly accessible.

My favorite peanut oil is Happy Belly Peanut Oil

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Coconut Oil 

Because the smoke point of the oil is used as a standard to season a griddle, it’s important to select an oil with a high smoke point.

As one of the healthiest cooking oils available, coconut oil is best in its refined form when dealing with high heat.

Coconut oil’s smoke point reaches as high as 425° to 450°F. This makes this oil a good choice for seasoning your grill.

The ideal way the fire becomes passionate is by using the coconut oil on the griddle in addition to cooking on it. Coconut oil is naturally refined.

You won’t discover much of the coconut flavor and aroma in this oil so that it won’t suppress the taste of other ingredients. You can use this in sweet and savory dishes without worry.

Coconut oil is especially suitable at all cooking temperatures greater than 425°F, and it is healthier than Butter in equal quantities.

Using cooking oil in spray bottles is a great technique not just for keeping your griddle clean and nonstick but also for a variety of food tasks.

I personally recommend BetterBody Foods Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil.

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Canola Oil 

Regardless of what type of oil you prefer to use for your griddle, canola is the most widespread option on the market.

Because canola oil is available, has a neutral taste, and is appropriate for high-temperature cooking, it’s an excellent choice.

Canola oil is also a healthy alternative for cooking at temperatures above 400° F.

When exposed to extreme heat, these saturated fats have been associated with reducing the risk of developing certain health conditions and diseases.

The very best choice for a multi-purpose oil, canola oil tastes great as a seasoning and cooking oil. Canola oil is neutral in taste, and it can conveniently be used to fry many different foods.

As long as you have the ability to fry foods with a smoke point of at least 430°F, you can use this oil to season your griddle and achieve complete polymerization.

I highly recommend Happy Belly Canola Oil.

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Grapeseed Oil 

You likely do not consider grapeseed oil to be a versatile oil. However, it puts forth a fairly light and creamy flavor and can even be used for a variety of cooking tasks.

Grapeseed oil, which is often made from grapes at the end of the wine-making process, contains linoleic acid, beneficial for omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Grapeseed oil will make the surface of your griddle and melt any leftover food, which will make cleaning your griddle afterward much easier.

Due to its smoke point of 470 °F to 510 °F, this pure grapeseed oil is a fine cooking oil to use on the griddle.

Due to its light flavor, this oil is best for high-temperature frying. It can be used for salad dressings and marinades, too.

Pompeian grapeseed oil consists of only a pure range of nutrients is non-allergenic, and isn’t genetically modified.

My favorite grapeseed oil is Pompeian 100% Grapeseed Oil

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What Is the Best Oil for Blackstone Griddles?

When cooking on a griddle, it’s not essential to season the griddle with low-heat oil before using another higher heat oil. Flaxseed oil is the perfect beginning oil when seasoning a griddle, as this high-quality oil makes the griddle layer with a polymerized oil layer.

Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil is a reliable seasoning mix for your Blackstone griddle. This flaxseed oil is pure and unrefined, so it has a smoke point of approximately 225°F.

Animal fat is not recommended for use as a first seasoning layer on your particular Blackstone griddle. Do not use the griddle daily, as this usage too often will cause the fat to degrade.

Meats rich in salts, such as bacon fat, will create a thin layer over your frying pan’s cooking surface and start to crack.

A helpful video was attached by Blackstone Griddles on how to season a griddle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What foods can you cook on a Blackstone griddle?

If your Blackstone griddle has a flat-top griddle plate, you can use it for cooking foods, such as eggs, shrimp, burger steaks, and other foods that you ordinarily grill in a pan. If the griddle also has a grill grate, you can use it to grill meats and fish.

Can you use Butter on the Blackstone griddle?

Butter is an excellent choice for cooking if you apply it to a flat surface, like a kettle grill or a griddle. Butter is a perfect choice for cooking on a flat surface, like a grill or a griddle. Just be cautious with when and how you add the Butter to the cooking surface because many people will be baffled by how quickly it can burn at high temperatures.

Why is food sticking to my Blackstone griddle?

Your Blackstone Griddle is sticky because cooking oil has accumulated on the element. Some of them, but not all. If an affected alternative is such cases with yours, it’s without a doubt made of cast iron.

Do I need to season my griddle after every use?

Simply “season” your griddle once. Regularly cooking will maintain your surface. That is to say, the more you cook on it, the better will be your cooking surface.

Final words

Blackstone griddles are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. They provide ease and simplicity when cooking, but their use can easily become advanced if you do not precisely understand just what kind of oil is ideal for a new griddle. Discover more about griddles by reading our blog site.

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