Hi, I’m Penny. I have always been passionate about grilling for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, I began grilling with my dad, especially in the summer.  Since then, my love of grilling has grown and matured.  As a hobby, I began to grill on various griddles and worked on my own recipes a few years ago. Apart from being professional, I enjoy giving tips for new recipes for most of our family birthdays and holidays.  In addition to grilling, I am always looking for new cooking ideas as well.

Panny Cooper
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My adoration for cooking does not simply begin at an early age the manner in which my affection for barbecuing did. Truth be told, I was fortunate to pass my Home Economics class in secondary school in light of the fact that my omelets looked like soupy fried eggs. In spite of this, when I got to school, cooking turned into a need. I started to gain proficiency with a couple of basic plans so I could cook for myself and my flat mates to try not to eat in the cafeteria. Actually, I always had a love and passion for grilling because when I was a kid, I saw my dad every 4th of July preparing for grilling steaks and beacons. At that very moment, somehow, I knew in my mind that grilling is my passion.

Quick forward a couple of years to the present. I used to work for a marketing agency for a long time. Now I have decided to take a break from it to follow my true passion for grilling and cooking. I really feel blessed to be able to spend more time with new grilling and cooking recipes. I will be sharing here my new experiments with new recipes. My grilling and cooking addiction came from the passion for it. If you love grilling you will love it here. Enjoy!

Panny Cooper
Penny S.Cooper
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