Why Does Bbq Smoke Follow You

BBQ smoke follows you because your body acts as an air dam, blocking air moving toward the fire and creating a vacuum that draws the smoke towards you. This phenomenon occurs because hot air from the fire rises, causing cooler air to be drawn in towards the fire, and your body disrupts this airflow. As […]

Is the Pk Grill Good for Smoking

The PK Grill is indeed good for smoking as it excels in both grilling at high temperatures and smoking at low temperatures. It delivers an excellent sear for steaks and provides steady indirect heat for smoking ribs or a pork butt. Whether you want to grill or smoke, the PK Grill is a versatile option

Smoking With Cherry Wood Tips for Smoked Meats

Cherry wood is an excellent choice for smoking meats, especially pork, lamb, beef, dark poultry like duck, and other gamey meats. It delivers a mild to medium smoke that is sweet, slightly fruity, and blends well with oak wood. If you’re looking to add a mild-medium, sweet, and fruity flavor to your smoked brisket or

Can You Smoke Bbq With Fig Wood

Yes, you can smoke BBQ with fig wood as it is used for smoking meats in some of the finest restaurants in the U.S. It imparts a mild, sweet flavor to the meat. Fig wood is a popular choice for smoking meats due to its mild, sweet flavor. It is used in some of the

Pellet Smoker Vs. Electric Smoker

Pellet smokers and electric smokers both require electricity and have different components for smoking food. Electric smokers offer a lighter smoky flavor, while pellet smokers are more like grills. The main difference lies in how they cook, as pellet smokers use wood pellets in addition to electricity. Pellet smokers produce a more authentic smoke flavor,

Can You Use an Extension Cord With a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Yes, you can use an extension cord with a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker as long as the outdoor extension cord is marked with the suffix letters “W-A” and has a tag stating “Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliances.” Using a properly rated extension cord ensures safe and efficient operation of your electric smoker. Why Is Using

Can You Cook in a Smoker Without Wood Chips

Yes, you can cook in a smoker without wood chips by using lump or briquettes charcoal for a great flavor while still achieving the desired results. Additionally, using a good rub like Plowboys Yardbird will enhance the taste of the food. While wood chips are commonly used in smokers, there are alternative options available that

Can You Use an Old Oil Drum for a Smoker

Yes, you can use an old oil drum for a smoker, but precautions should be taken and the drum should be thoroughly cleaned before use. Credit: Safety Considerations For Using An Old Oil Drum Potential Hazards Of Using An Old Oil Drum As A Smoker Using an old oil drum as a smoker can

Can You Use an Electric Smoker on a Wood Deck

Yes, you can use an electric smoker on a wood deck. Just make sure to elevate and secure it, check for safe operation regularly, and enjoy your smoking experience. Using an electric smoker to cook your favorite meats and vegetables can be a convenient and flavorful way to enjoy outdoor cooking. However, if you have

Kamado Vs. Offset Smoker

In the battle between Kamado and Offset smokers, the key difference lies in the method of fueling and airflow. The Offset burns more wood with a fully oxygenated fire, resulting in a wispy blue smoke that gently flavors the meat. On the other hand, Kamado smokers are known for their excellent insulation and temperature control,

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